My Journey 

I have been told that I had intuitive tendencies while growing up, although I have little recollection of these experiences, it was clear that I knew and saw things that were not apparent to anyone else.  I have learned to trust these insights/feelings as my experiences continued to increase in both frequency and clarity. As my desire for greater understanding of the unseen world increased, so too did my intensity to work with this aspect of my life.

My Training  

I began a meditation practice, while immersing myself in workshops on reading the human energy field, exploring healing techniques using quartz crystals as well as attending many shamanic drumming circles. These were fun and inspiring, especially to be around those with similar experiences and abilities

Later, I began a series of intensive workshops designed to hone my intuitive abilities while learning more about the human energy field.  Although this training fulfilled my desire to understand my insights and what I was seeing, I still held a profound curiosity to explore the nature of shamanism. Thus I began my journey into learning the healing arts of the ancient Andean traditions in Peru.

I have attended the Four Winds Society (with Alberto Villoldo phd and Linda Fitch) where I was introduced to the Northern Andean traditions of a bundled mesa.  In addition, I have been fortunate to attending many workshops with Q’ero elder don Mariano Quispe Flores and his interpreters Dennis Alejo Mango and Oden Medina-Calsin, as well as Adolfo Titto Condori, and Rodolpho Tittio Condori.  

At this time, I am deeply honored to be an apprentice of don Oscar Miro-Quesada where I am learning what it means to be a curandera of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition.  

“With an open heart, it is my commitment to be totally present with you on your journey, while supporting you to reawaken to your own divine wisdom and inner of truth of your soul.” 

My Practice

What is 


Shamanism is the art of seeking and maintaining balance between humans and nature, between the seen and unseen realms. At the heart of shamanism is balance; without balance healing cannot occur. A shamanic practitioner is one who reaches altered states of consciousness by using sound, music, drumming, guided meditations, plant-spirit medicine and/or other techniques, to interact with the spirit world. The shaman or curandero/curandera then channels their connection to the spirit world into this world during a ceremony or ritual to heal, perform divination, and balance energies for personal healing and global transformation.

-don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Shamanic and Spiritual Healing Methods

Clearing:  Cleansing and restoring the light energy bodies bringing coherence and balance  for health and well being.  
Cranial Sacral: A healing method to help deepen your relaxation and to open your body up allowing energy to move freely from head to toe.
Extractions:  Either entity or of non-beneficial, non-serving heavy energy forms that have  crystallized or intrusive fluid energies.
Illumination of the Energy Field: This process removes and cleanses toxic and dense imprints from the chakras, or energy centers, of our luminous energy field. This field holds the template for our health.  Imprints are records from past experiences of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual history, along with their accompanying negative, self-sabotaging beliefs. Heavy energies can accumulate over he course of time and interrupt the free flow of light energy through the chakras. By clearing and transforming these heavy energies, the luminous energy field can re-pattern the body so that good health and wellbeing flourish.
Soul Retrieval:  Recovering parts of self that have been split off or lost through past traumas.
Soul Dialog:  Communicating with the deepest level of your being to reveal what is truly need for your growth and journey


Each session is a blend of intuitive energy healing techniques, shamanic practices and personal process that is customize to fit individual needs. In using these skills, I help to bring clarity, guidance and support to each session.

During a session, I may use tools such as a feather, rattle, drum, crystals, burning of sage or palo santo, or scented water, along with using my hands to manipulate and move energy. In partnership with spirit all energy work is done in a scared space.

Sessions usually begin with a brief consultation and discussion in which I use my intuitive tracking to explore any energetic sources for physical and/or emotional imbalances. 

Then, while you are comfortably relaxed on the massage table, I proceed to clear any heavy energy from your Energy Field.  At this point, I will be able to intuit what healing modalities will best serve you.

At the end of each session you will receive ‘homework’ to help you integrate changes that are happening on an energetic level in your Luminous Energy Field these  personal process tools help you to continue the healing process while stepping consciously onto your path.

All intuitive work is done in a sacred space and is strictly private and confidential.

“Shamanic Energy Healing services are offered as a complement to medical or psychological treatment and are not to be a substitute for either.”  

Shamanic energy healing can work with many physical and mental issues . By working at the level of the soul, clearing energetic blockages and removing heavy energy, balance is then restored and energy is able to flow. Allowing power to return to the body. Many people report a feeling of clarity, freedom, lightness, and calm. If you suffer from any of the below list this can be an indication that an imprint within your energy field is activated and in need of clearing.
  • Frustration in general
  • Feeling stuck in repetitive patterns or emotions
  • History of abuse,
  • Addiction
  • Emotional distress
  • Difficulty with letting go of grief
  • Shame
  • Anxiety
  • Unresolved Anger
  • Discovery of and realignment to life purpose      
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression and mental fatigue
  • Addiction, effects of drug and alcohol usage
  • Digestive disorders
  • Relationship issues, break-ups, bereavement
  • Breathing difficulties, asthma
  • Support for post operations
  • Fertility and hormonal balance
  • Pain relief and management
  • Creativity
Space Clearing and Land

I have always been focused on creating spaces of beauty and safety for myself  and my family whether it be in the home or on the land.  It is my purpose to bring harmony to disruptive or heavy energies attached to a building or land space. My goal while facilitating land healing is to attract a renewed flow of vital life force energy.

Space and land clearing are available in person or via skype.  The costs vary based on what is required, please contact me with your questions.

These are some reason to have your space cleared, the most obvious ones that I have been asked to do.
  • Moving into a new home or office space.     
  • Resetting the energy of a home or business or land use         
  • Cleansing from a major event-fire, divorce or death        
  • Persistent nightmares and sleeping problems       
  • Perception of entities associated with the area or hauntings      
  • Knowledge of past evil that has occurred on the premises

Ceremonies and Rites  

Death Rites- These rites are done for those who are physically passing on after the heart has stopped beating and the nervous system has completely shut down.  I work to help separate the luminous body from the physical body and send it on it’s way.  

Despacho- A ceremony to give thanks for what has yet to manifest, bringing participants into alignment with their personal intent, group intent and gratitude to the earth, which supports us in all our endeavors.  

Fire Ceremony- This is a beautiful way for a transition or a new beginning, a rite that takes place around a fire.