My Quilts

My Quilts

This is a collection of my latest quilts. These are created by hand with the highest quality quilt fabric and my love for pattern and color. All are 100% cotton and are machine washable.


Baby Quilt, Boy, Crib, Handmade

Quilt-Yellow, White, Orange, Green, Blues, Handmade

Baby Quilt in Pink Reproduction and Kaffe Fasset Fabrics

Quilt, Handmade, Modern -"Sunshine Quilt"

Baby Quilt, Girl, Crib, Handmade, Farm Girl

Baby Quilt Reproduction and Kaffee Fasset Fabrics in White/Blues/Yellow/Teal/Brown

Baby Cowgirl Crib Quilt in Reproduction Fabrics

Quilt, Handmade, Modern, Machine Quilted, Red, Brown, Blue

Baby-Toddler Quilt, Crib Size, Handmade

Happy Baby Cowboy Crib Quilt in Reproduction Fabrics

Gypsy Caravan Quilt Queen Size-Jewel Tones of Blue, Brown, Purple and Garnet

Quilt-Baby Girl Square Pattern

Quit-Queen Size Anniversary

Quilt-Square Pattern Twin Size

Quilt-Summer Colors

Quilt-Flying Geese Pattern

Quilt-Baby Girl

Quilt-Bear Paw Pattern

Quilt-Baby Boy

Quilt, Lap, Colorful Jewel