Baby-Toddler Quilt, Crib, Handmade Quilt
Happy sock monkeys on a light blue background is the main theme of this quilt
Rag Rug, Warm and Colorful-Hand Woven, Cotton Knits Rug
Sturdy enough for the floor. But great for the table.
Baby Quilt, Toddler Quilt, Crib, Handmade Quilt
This quilt has been especially made for babies or toddlers.
Baby Quilt, Girl, Crib, Handmade, Farm Girl
A baby girl quilt!
With each breath, I am present
August has arrived with a new moon tomorrow night...
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice is here!
Spring Arriving
It is that time again where winter is giving way to spring...
Full Moon Despacho
This full moon, I will be doing a despacho ceremony...
The Perch
This is a 6" x 6" oil painting on canvas panel titled "The Perch".
So Much Preparation
So much preparation has to happen, before any weaving begins.