Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions

Sessions begin with a brief consultation and discussion in which I use intuitive tracking to explore any energetic sources for physical and/or emotional imbalances. Then, while you comfortably relax on a massage table,  I proceed to clear any heavy energy from your Luminous Energy Field as well as restore any soul parts that may have been lost through past traumas or pain. Working with the seven major chakras of the body, I then balance your energy field.

At the end of each session you will receive 'homework' to help you integrate changes that are happening on an energetic level in your Luminous Energy Field these tools help you to continue the healing process while stepping consciously onto your path.  

All Intuitive work is done in a sacred space and is strictly private and confidential. 

Be sure to create space for yourself after a session to help intergrate the healing process. 

Sessions last approximately  1 1/2 - 2 hours.

"Shamanic Energy Healing Services are offered to complement medical and psychological advice and treatment and are not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological care."