Shamanic Energy Healing Methods

Each session is a blend of intuitive energy healing techniques, shamanic practices and personal process that is customized to fit individual client needs. It is my intention in using these skills to bring clarity, guidance and support to each session while guiding you on your divine path of your souls' journey.

In addition I may use the following tools during a session, a feather, a rattle, a drum, burning sage or palo santo, a crystal, sacred stones or my hands to manipulate and clear energy. In patrtnership with spirit, all healing work is done in sacred space.

"Shamanic Energy Healing Services are offered to complement medical and psychological advice and treatment and are not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological care."

Healing Methods:

Chakra Clearing/Balancing- Clearing of heavy energies in the seven major chakras bringing them back into balance and harmony.

Cranial Sacral- Using cranial sacral therapy to deepen your relaxation and to open your body up allowing energy to move freely from head to toe.

Energy or Entity Extraction- Removal of non-serving heavy energy forms either crystallized or intrusive fluid energies.

House or Land Clearing/ Blessing- Clearing of heavy stagnant energies in the home or land.  Creating a peaceful and more balanced place in which to live.

Illumination- The Illumination removes and cleanses toxic and dense imprints from the chakras, or energy centers, of our Luminous Energy Field. The Luminous Energy Field holds the template for our health.  Imprints are records from past experiences of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual history, along with their accompanying negative, self-sabotaging beliefs. Heavy energies can accumulate over the course of time and interrupt the free flow of energy through the chakras.  By clearing and transforming these heavy energies, the Luminous Energy Field can re-pattern the body and should transform the body back to health.

Soul Retrieval- Recovering parts of self that have been split off or lost through past traumas and need returning. By re-intergrating these soul parts into your Luminous Energy Field this increases  your vitality, joy, and wholeness so that you can re-envision your life.

Soul Dialog- Communicating with the deepest level of your being to reveal what is truly needed for your growth and journey.


Ceremonies and Rites:

Death Rites- These rites are done for those who are physically passing on after the heart has stopped beating and the nervous system has completely shut down.  I work to help separate the luminous body from the physical body and send it on it’s way.

Despacho- A ceremony to give thanks for what has yet to manifest, bringing participants into alignment with their personal intent, group intent and gratitude to the earth, which supports us in all our endeavors.

Fire CeremonyIt is a beautiful way for a transition or a new beginning, a rite that takes place around a fire ring within the protection of  sacred space.  With the use of a stick a negative attribute is blown into it, in esscence becoming a “death arrow” that the fire transforms.


Personal Process:

Altars- Creating an arrangement of energy infused objects that are used as a focus for prayers.

Creative Journaling- Exploring the inner world through the art of journaling.